Flying car? car parked near white car....
08 February

the big

aa ssskk

01 February


wish away the nightmare
wish away the nightmare
you got a light you can feel it on your back
you got a light you can feel it on your back
you just got paid
you just got paid

so here we are with spike stent in our studio which now looks like NASA.
and we are being taken to task.
we ar e having to shake the dust off. no more bullshit.
stop answering the phones and thinking of excuses to leave the building.
instead get on with it.
jonny said today that since we were last radiohead, between us, we've had six children or rather our partners have, this may perhaps have something to do with our lack of focus.
but as this rock n roll we aint supposed to discuss this.. deny it every happened etc. what bullshit.
ofcourse there ar ethe other distractions,
sitting in the garden with your 12bore shotgun,
large orchestras doing drum machine noises,
getting suits made,
canal boats,
modular synthesis,
tax investigations,
global warming and the end of life as we know it,

31 January

num num num

"Political language . . . is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind." George Orwell
19 January


so the UN are meeting in Montreal to decide what to do after the Kyoto protocol.

and already the US administration has buried its witless head in the fucking sand.

refusing to take part.

you can even see the strings being pulled.

this is a true evil.

and on tv they are talking about the sahara and how global warming will destroy the lives of the millions who live there soon.

oh and the weather man says how weve got caught out by the extreme snowfall. highly unusual.
cue footage of stranded motorists.
but hey itll be nice for kids.
cue taboganning footage.

and business leaders are meeting tony blair tommorrow to express their concern about gas supplies.
fuck business leaders what about the rest of us?

if ever property in the country had solar panels or mini wind turbines, just like it has water supply and a satelltie dish perhaps we wouldnt need new nuclear power stations that we cant afford to please these fucking business leaders.


p.s. please excuse the swearing. im mad.

28 November

the dogs have gone to bed

friday night ....... the end of a two week session .......riffs and fragments of the songs going round my head ...... its been great .... its always difficult to judge right now but i think we may have got 'bodysnatchers' ...... had a couple of sticky days at the beginning of the week but saw it through .... on a roll now ..... lots of stuff to be done yet, but so far so good.... the studio is fab, its so good to play in and listen.... you know what works and what doesn't ..... the only problem is you will never hear what you do sound so good as the sound system is outrageous .... ths studio also sits on the edge of some beautiful woodland .... had a great ray mears moment in the wood today on a solitary walk when i came across some deer and hid behind a tree to watch them for a few minutes ...... time to head off i'm really tired.... goodnight.
22 October


it is the end of our two week session.

we re splitting up its all shit. were washed. up. finished.

only kidding.

it was fun. some of it has been really great fun. and there were moments that stick in my head when i went 'TUNE!' 'TuNE!'

like tonight listening through
' house of cards.'

its us, no denying it. bu t thats cool.. i like it. it has its own power. cant fight that i suppose. although i see it as my duty to try.

i will dread listening to it all after we have left in the real world. i always dread that. id much rather start something new and forget. but right good.
guess thats why the blackboard is full.

22 October

two days off, sunday spent dragging a puppy around Abingdon.

back tomorrow, after a full on week of recording a song a day, some not even on the of jonny's tunes, packing a lot in 2 mins 45 seconds! Spent weekend agreeing with Nick Cohen, hoping Simon Starling would win the Turner, listening to new modeselektor album, and waiting to get the boards of canada and pharrell williams tomorrow. Exciting talk of shows next year; it's good to have a plot. Another week ahead in the studio, then more in December. I'll keep you posted this week with more news and wonky shots, so wish us luck!
16 October

Nothing can bring peace..........but yourself

in a house that may be or maybe not haunted

back into work again after very quick break contending with the usual winter illnesses and fevers.
-which are still messing with things.
jonnys stepping over guitar leads and pedals and laptop as we
yet another new tune added to the blackboard called Rubbernecks.
at the moment its a demo. when is a demo not a demo? when its in time. whats in time?


im asking jonny to lay off the sweet rock and stick to the sticklebrick licks. more-

their dotting all the tees
and crossing their eyes
welcome to the future
it opened up my eyes
its creeping up the car park
its coming up the drive
rubbernecks with cameras
petrol and bonfires(heres the loud bit)

we need to keep away the rubbernecks
we need to keep away the rubbernecks
me me my my

i met with George Monbiot.
another person who thinks a bit like me (only faster),
its a relief sometimes, i dont feel quite as crackers as i did.


oh yeah and this house is haunted. feel like your beingwatched..
yes its another normal day in the world of radioheadski
11 October