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09 November

further research

there will be something on the box tonight
its another test
but right now we

are entangled in cables
weather permitting
our technical experts will

resolve the entanglement
itll be broadcast as a quicktime h.264 stream
if youve got a

mac you'll already probably have quicktime player
if youve got a pc and it doesnt work,

you might need to download the installer (click here to download and install)

then click on to

08 November


Clinic (supported by Clockwork) play friday 16th November at The Maltings in Farnham, Surrey (01252 745444) 7.30-10.30 - I'm very excited about seeing them, one of our favourite bands indeed!
all proceeds to UCCA photography student's degree show fund
see you there - colin
02 November

hard hats on..

hope you are enjoying listening to the download of In Rainbows.
its a relief to us all that finally its out there.
its been a mad couple of weeks.. as i'm sure you can imagine...

"I love pop music to death..... Most great composers rely on folk music. I rely on pop music.
I'm not saying I'm a great composer or that pop music is folk music. There's a whole endless thing going on out there.
You make your little pond but if your pond isn't connected to the river, which isn't connected to an ocean,
it's just going to dry up. It's just a little piss pool. I've lived too long to be happy in a pond."

I found this in WIRE magazine over a pint in the pub last night.. its Robert Wyatt
10 October

In Rainbows

Hello everyone.

Well, the new album is finished, and it's coming out in 10 days;

We've called it In Rainbows.

Love from us all.
01 October

untitled no.8

im stuck in the tardis

untitled no.7

untitled no.6

untitled no.5

untitled no.4