Webcast address

It'll be on later on tonight.

We'll be broadcasting in Windows Media format only today, so if you have a Mac, you'll need to make sure you have Flip4Mac, or VLC downloaded and installed by then.

Happy viewing!

16 January 2008

In Store!

So, we've got a small gig tonight.

It's in London at the Rough Trade East shop on Brick Lane, and we're planning to play a short set of in rainbows material. It's very limited free entry, first come first served. Also, as it might be a little uncomfortable for anyone queuing early, they're planning a numbering system so people at the front of any queue can get snacks and toilet breaks in the store. Good bagels round there. But dress warm...doors won't open until 7, and we'll play at about 8.

For those who can't get in - and it's pretty small in there - we'll have some screens and speakers outside, if we're allowed. I think we are. And we'll also webcast it. I'll put the link up here, as well as any other info, later today.

Hope you can make it - should be....interesting. Us being us, we're taking far too many instruments.....

16 January 2008

jigsaw falling into place

jigsaw falling into place

just as you take my hand
just as you write my number down
just as you the drinks arrive
just as they play your favourite song
as your bad day disappears..........

a little bird tells me that JiGsaw falling into Place
is an actual physical single in the United states of Britain this week.
awwwwwwwww... how cute.....

15 January 2008


happy new year to all!
31 December 2007

30 December 2007

29 December 2007