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20 August 2008

Video Competition Winners

Here are the four winners chosen by Radiohead for the AniBoom In Rainbows Music Video contest:

15 Step V2.0 by Kota Totori, Japan, for the song "15 Step".

16 Tracks Vs. Videotape 2.0 by Wolfgang Jaiser and Claus Winter, Germany, for the song "Videotape".

Reckoner V2 by Clement Picon, France, for the song "Reckoner".

Transmutation by Tobias Stretch, U.S.A., for the song "Weird Fishes / Arpeggi".

Congratulations to all four winners!
14 August 2008


hi everyone

nigel found this from when we were recording

press me here

13 August 2008


so as you may know we have completed a video for the song- it has been in the land of google, and now also if you want to download a higher quality version without the internet streaming pixellation squash and enjoy it on whatever screen appliance, click here to download.

it was a strange experience, sitting in front of a lazer in the dark, then emailing back an forth with James the director as he sat in front of computers for a whole month with the amazing technicians who processed the data etc.. but it says something about the song and came out better than i had dared hope.
19 July 2008

Radiohead Lighting

Richard Young, our production manager, has just put up an article about the low power, LED lighting design on tour.

Click on the link in the banner above or


1 July 2008

Net Neutrality

from, via lots of other people...
we didn't put ' in rainbows ' out on the internet so that the next time A T & T would be releasing our music

Save the Internet

30 June 2008