Merce Cunningham 1919 - 2009

We are very sad to hear about Merce Cunningham's death yesterday, aged ninety.
Merce invited us to take part in his Split Sides project, in October 2003. It was a collaboration of music and dance, but one where each of the elements - set, costume,
choreography and music - were randomly combined, to create a performance around chance. He was very kind and hospitable, and invited us around to his apartment the night before the show. He showed us his computer program which generated random sequences of gesture and movement for wire-framed mannequins, like Kraftwerk's Robots. He also showed us, the next night, that discipline and focus can create the space for an unexpected moment, when something new can suddenly exist: such a contrast to the scripted world of rock.

27 July

Thom and Jonny and Drew in Ondes

All for the best


there is a compilation coming out for Mark Mulcahy, he of the wonderful Miracle Legion fame and so on..
you can read all about it here>>>>
here pleaxse
i have done a version of All For The Best with my brother Andy doing vocals with me!
you can listen to it at the above link.
16 July


Contrary to a Sunday Telegraph headline this weekend, we are not setting up a record label. The credit for this venture goes to one of our managers, Brian Message and his company ATC.

06 July

Office Chart (for Virgilio Anderson, instead of rain...)

This week I'm into first goes....and:

Bartok Violin Concerto No,1
Brahms 1st Symphony
Penderecki 1st Symphony
John Cage First Inerlude for Prepared Piano
Shostakovitch Piano Trio No. 1 in C Minor
Bartok First String Quartet
Debussy First (and last) string quartet (G Minor)
Ravel (ditto) in F

..are all ace

24 June

Nigel in the Studio

Jonny in Check

Thom in LA

Tiny Vices Blog
15 June

Digital Downloads

w.a.s.t.e are pleased to announce the unveiling of a new digital download area on the store. We are also pleased to announce that Disk 2 from In Rainbows is now available digitally for everyone who didn't get a chance to purchase the Diskbox.

Please click here to purchase:

In Rainbows - Radiohead
In Rainbows Disk 2 (exclusive to w.a.s.t.e) - Radiohead
The Eraser - Thom Yorke
There Will Be Blood - Jonny Greenwood

Thank you,
All at w.a.s.t.e.
09 June