Radiohead Haiti Benefit Unofficial DVD

It's almost a year since we played at the Fonda in Los Angeles, a brilliant night that helped raise a lot of money for the earthquake in Haiti. Since then, Inez and other fans have compiled this DVD of live footage, you can download it

Oxfam America have also been kind enough to set up a donation page on their site

Oxfam America Haiti Earthquake and Recovery Fund

Many Thanks to Inez for all her work, and Kii for the excellent artwork for the DVD.

Happy New Year

07 January

COP 16

The the COP16 climate summit is now underway in Cancun.
Thanks to those 1500 or so women, men and children who withstood the cold to take part in the Brighton/Hove earth art exhibit on Saturday.
Some pictures of you can be found here.

Also please note that our current prime minister who once made such positive noises to us and to me personally about his party's commitment to tackling climate change will not be attending.
30 November

The Eraser King Cnut in Brighton for Earth350

Nov 27th @ 11am..

(that's a Saturday morning at a civilised hour errr right..????)
Location Brighton.

WANTED 2000 people who want to be part of human King Cnut type image facing the sea that is visible from space as part of the Earth350

People who want to be part of it need to register here:


p.s. also here's an office chart of beats, pulses and tones!

1. Agitation by Finn Peters
2. Move Down Low (feat. Rubi Dan) by Grevious Angel
3. Kraft Und Light by Len Faki
4. The Wind-Up by 2562
5. Angel Brain by Lone
6. Romantic Sores by Kevin Drumm

20 November



the plan is to make images visible from the skies
to remind those in Cancun that we are running out of time
we can't keep putting this off.

(also on a different subject check out our new off topic area above)
14 November

written translation

I think this italian writer (referred to here) has, either through over-enthusiasm, or frustration at all my non-committal answers, mistranslated me a fact we haven't quite finished the album - in the studio at the moment - nor have we yet considered any touring. The plan is to have no plan until the record is finished....hope that's a little clearer!

12 November

2 minutes silence


wouldn't it be great if it was number one

04 November

office chart.. tea bags for the fly over lands

1. Crosswinds by J. Tillman
2. Raga Megh Malhar by Charanjit Singh
3. VCR(Four tet rmx) by XX
4. Forget About by Sibylle Baier
5. Hot Swap by Pablo Mandelbrot
6. In The Deep by T.Williams
7. The Leap Home Pt.2 by Radio People
8. For 12 by Other Lives

a desert emptiness can breed fear and ignorance. visit the sea and see the wider picture.
04 November

Haunted Air

A brilliant book of found halloween photographs from the United States

"Stranded spectres"
30 October

office chart.. for autumn.. if u have that

1. scylla's night out christophe de babalon
2. the forest zomby
3. it's on roots manuva
4. like a ship pastor t. l. barrett
5. don't go into the barn tom waits
6. timber(seiji rmx) coldcut & hexstatic
7. double edged emika
8. circling four tet
9. square one (julio bashmore mx) mosca
17 October

horizontals ..

office chart born out of cold empty horizontal lines

1. Pitter by Ramadanman
2. Back Down by Dj Nate
3. Neon Bible by Arcade Fire
4. Man Out of Time (Major Space dub) by Redshape
5. My Only Friend (Hezus rmx) by Gonjasufi
6. No More by Billie Holiday
7. Jeep's Blues Duke Ellington (Ellington at Newport 1956)
8. Teknitian by Dj Rashad
09 October