Children's Radio Foundation - Colin's trip to South Africa

Hello and I'd like to let everyone know I'm off on an adventure to South Africa on Saturday.  I've been working with a charity based there, called the Children's Radio Foundation, which works with young people in half a dozen countries in Africa to give them journalistic and broadcasting skills, and a voice to tell their stories.  I'm going for 11 days to visit some of the places where the CRF is working with youth groups, hospitals and radio stations in South Africa. You can follow my trip HERE.  I will be putting up some pictures, and blogging about the journey as I go along.  You can see and hear some of the stories by following the Vimeo link, and Soundcloud too.

I'm very excited to be going, and I hope you will enjoy following my journey on the site.  I'm working with CRF because I've always believed in the importance of curiosity, and I grew in a home that was passionate about ' Radio ', as a window to the world outside. In my day job as a musician, I've always loved travelling, meeting people, and making connections with them about all our lives.   CRF does all of this this brilliantly, through its radio and journalism training.  CRF informs and enlightens everyone's lives - the reporter, interviewee, and the listener, wherever they may be.   I'll also be checking out some music too, so keep an eye on the site! "

16 January

Next Atoms for Peace Single

Hello all.

So in the midst of yet more weird weather and the beginning of another year it feels right to put out a song called ..... Judge Jury and Executioner from Amok. It's up on youtube here> - I hope you like it.

The flip side of the release is a tune called S.A.D.

Amok is out 25th of Feb.

07 January

In Sydney with the ACO

Just a few weeks left of the residency with the australian chamber orchestra - who are amazing. Hope the resulting music is worth all the trust they've put in me. Thanks, gut-scratchers....


14 December


So finally I can tell you the Atoms for Peace record is coming out on the 25th February, it's called Amok.

The front will look like theez..

Atoms for Peace - Amok

The tracks are:

Before Your Very Eyes
Stuck Together Pieces
Judge Jury and Executioner
Reverse Running

We put something new on the website for you to stare at etc for a while here..

It's a while to wait i know so i'm sure some other things will occur before then.

Atoms for Peace .. members of staff

Vocals Keyboards Programming and Guitars
Nigel Godrich
Production & Programming
Joey Waronker
Mauro Refosco

We formed to learn to play The Eraser record, if you don't know that, and discovered a really good energy doing that.. and it fell into this record.

I'm still reeling from being on tour for much of the year but we are planning to get together and play etc next year !
We're figuring all that out right now.

Atoms is a ongoing and open ended project, where it leads i know not for certain .... which is what is nice about it.

04 December

Strasbourg Soundcheck

25 October

Soundcheck in Bercy

12 October

Office Chart from London to Paris

Some things that are currently floating my boat

1. Ride On / Shed

2. Ye Ye / Daphni

3. De-Pimp Act / Luke Vibert

4. High Road / Dusk + Blackdown +

5. Pyramid Lake / Airhead

6. Gov'nor / Doom

7. Alin / The Whitefield Brothers

8. 2 Blunted / Arca

9. Temptation & Desire / Silent Servant

10. Intimacy & Desire / Cathedral X

11. Greetings(feat. Tre) / Jeremiah Jae

12. Brook / Throwing Snow

13. Youstandit / Dak
10 October

greenpeace - save the arctic

We are bringing Greenpeace on the road with us..
We support their campaign to save the Arctic from oil drilling and mining as the ice get thinner through global warming.
Drawing a line somewhere in the ice saying, ok that's enough, no further. The madness stops here. Break this spell.
If you are coming along i hope you can get time to go and talk to them.

Best wishesish

27 September

The Master

The soundtrack for Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master' was released today on Nonesuch

Here's a good trailer - (though forgot to put this particular bit of music on the album...)

Hope you like what you hear as much as what you is great!
12 September

Atoms for Peace

You may have heard that I have a new project called Atoms for Peace.

The name comes from some shows of The Eraser that happened a couple of years ago with Mauro, Joey, Nigel and Flea.

We got a big buzz from them and discovered loads of energy from transforming the music from electronic to live, and so afterwards, we carried on for a few days in the studio and decided to make it a loose, on-going thing.
Immersed in the area between the two.electronic and live.

The first tune we'd like you to hear is Default
A 12" vinyl version will follow next month and an album will eventually follow that next year.
07 September